Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority: Bridging gaps in health care access


Alligned Fund Opportunities

Pacific Hospital Preservation and Development Authority (Pacific Hospital PDA) is offering grant funding to site-based coalitions formally affiliated with Communities of Opportunity (COO) under its aligned funding process. Funds awarded under this process will support COO programs that help eliminate disparities in access to health resources and/or improve health outcomes for underserved communities in King County. 


Funding Priorities

Aligned funds awarded under this process may be used for the following purposes:

  • Ongoing, long-term projects

  • Short term, time-limited projects

  • Infrastructure and capacity development

  • Planning

  • Technology improvement

  • Training, including internal staff training and external community trainings/educational events

  • Program and process evaluation

  • Policy and advocacy work.


Funding Principles

Pacific Hospital PDA is responsible for ensuring that funding is allocated to organizations that adhere to the Pacific Hospital PDA’s mission and goals. To that end, projects funded under this application should adhere to the following fundamental Pacific Hospital PDA principles:

  1. Address the needs of underserved populations with particular emphasis on decreasing health disparities among communities of color;

  2. Ensure access to existing and emerging health care resources; and

  3. Adapt to changes in the health care delivery system and fill gaps in care.