Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority: Bridging gaps in health care access

Project Details


Open Arms will continue to provide Birth Doula services for their (American Indian and Alaska Native) AIAN and African American/Black clients. The PHPDA grant supports funding for at least 27 births. Based on health outcomes and community needs, Open Arms will expand stipends to include Spanish-speaking doulas and clients. In 2016, over 50% of the clients that we served identified as African American, AIAN, or Latina.

About Our Grantee

Open Arms Perinatal Services

Open Arms Vision: Embraces a world that cherishes birthing women, their babies, families, and communities. Open Arms Mission: Provides services that support, educate, respect, honor, and empower women and their families from pregnancy through birth to early parenting.

Open Arms Perinatal Services is an innovative nonprofit dedicated to providing strong community-based support for women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

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