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Health Care Initiative Pilot

Posted in Projects / Thu, July 13, 2017

Grantee: Food Lifeline

Timeframe:   July 2017-March 2018   |   Amount:   $20,000


Pacific Hospital PDA funding is supporting the implementation of Food Lifeline’s collaborative pilot program. This program is located at the Sea Mar-Burien clinic and provides nutritious food to low-income families and individuals who are food insecure and diagnosed with food-related illnesses such as diabetes. The main objective for the pilot is to test the viability of the partnership, food distribution model, and evaluation mechanisms. In particular, Food Lifeline will be gauging the effectiveness of the food insecurity screenings, the referral processes, and follow-ups. Through this pilot, Food Lifeline intends to see better diabetes management, medication adherence, and an overall improvement in the consumption of healthy food among participants. Ultimately, Food Lifeline’s goal is to address food insecurity while improving individual and population-level health outcomes and this work will support the replication and scaling of these efforts across Western Washington.

About Our Grantee

Food Lifeline

Food Lifeline rescues millions of pounds of this surplus food from farmers, manufacturers, grocery stores, and restaurants. Food Lifeline then delivers the healthy and nutritious food to 275 food banks, shelters and meal programs across Western Washington.

Visit Food Lifeline website here.