Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority: Bridging gaps in health care access

Project Details


SHAG and its UW partners are using PHPDA funds as a Planning Grant with a goal to identify and assess primary medication-use risks and barriers among older adults living independently in SHAG. The focus of this effort will be in South King County and South Seattle and include  population groups facing multiple and compounding healthcare disparities. The Planning Grant supports four phases: the study; the analysis; the report; and the plan. This undertaking will provide baseline information from which a future medication intervention can be designed.

About Our Grantee

SHAG Community Life Foundation

The SHAG Foundation, an operating Resident Support Team for SHAG (Senior Housing Assistance Group), provides services and resources to our more than 5,500 SHAG residents through community partnership, neighborhood outreach and local and national advocacy.

Visit SHAG Community Life Foundation website here.