Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority: Bridging gaps in health care access

Project Details


Northwest Health Law Advocates (NoHLA) is using Pacific Hospital PDA funds for NoHLA's Staff Attorneys, under the leadership of the Executive Director, to perform the following activities, with communications assistance from our Communications Associate for developing and posting alerts (item 2), and designing and disseminating materials (items 3, 4 and 6):

1) Monitoring: Closely monitor and review all health care proposals and actions at the federal level, and communicate with national and state advocates, providers, and policymakers about the implications of these proposals, particularly for Washington immigrant residents and their
2) Analysis and Alerts: Research and create written analyses of each proposal potentially affecting immigrant access to health care. In addition, provide alerts through our newsletter and social media about any opportunities for community members to provide input.
3) Materials: For any proposals adopted at the federal level, NoHLA will develop materials explaining the resulting changes in policy, practical information such as the populations and services impacted, effective dates, how they interact with immigrants' rights and eligibility under state law. NoHLA intends to create both materials at a high-level for policymakers, and practically-oriented materials that provide information to the broader community and address concerns that may emerge, in collaboration with our partners at legal and immigrant advocacy organizations.
4) Dissemination: Identify the networks that need this information and develop and carry out a plan for disseminating the materials, including making NoHLA available for presentations to local immigrant and health access advocates, health and social service providers, and  policymakers.
5) Resource: We will serve as a community resource for people from other organizations who contact us.
6) State Options Analysis & Recommendations: For each federal policy that is expected to have an adverse impact on immigrants' access to health coverage and care, NoHLA will evaluate whether there are potential options for mitigation at the state level. If so, NoHLA will provide
analyses and recommendations to policymakers about these options.

About Our Grantee

NoHLA - Northwest Health Law Advocates

Northwest Health Law Advocates is the consumer voice in the health care debate. We aim to improve access to health care for all Washington residents in furtherance of health as a human right.

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