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Targeted Affordable Care Act Enrollment Assistance for Latinos

Posted in Projects / Fri, June 20, 2014

Grantee: El Centro de la Raza

Timeframe:   July 2014-June 2017   |   Amount:   $237,124


The Affordable Healthcare Outreach and Enrollment project supports uninsured participants in the 48 El Centro programs and the larger community to navigate the Washington website and enroll in health coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Enrollment Navigator guides participants through the enrollment process by providing information that allows individuals to make a well informed decision in selecting their provider and plan, and information on how to navigate state plan and provider systems. In cases where the participant cannot afford or qualify for coverage, the Enrollment Navigator refers them to other health resources. This program increases access to health resources and reduces health disparities among low-income Latinos and other underserved communities in Seattle and King County.

In the next year, the program will maintain the same basic structure and the same performance targets. In-Person Assister trainings are no longer conducted once a year in the fall. Throughout the year, IPAs are provided webinars, resources, and quizzes on various training topics. Examples include security, tax regulations, and how to use the 1095 forms.

About Our Grantee

El Centro de la Raza

El Centro de la Raza is a voice and a hub for Seattle and Martin Luther King, Jr. County’s Latino community as they advocate on behalf of Latino people and work to achieve social justice. Through their comprehensive programs and services, they empower members of the Latino community as fully participating members of society. Their mission is to build unity across all racial and economic sectors, to organize, empower, and defend our most vulnerable and marginalized populations and to bring justice, dignity, equality, and freedom to all the peoples of the world.

Visit El Centro de la Raza website here.