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Wellness for Asian Pacific American (WAPA) Project- Primary and Behavioral Integrated Care Project

Posted in Projects / Tue, July 14, 2015

Grantee: Asian Counseling & Referral Service

Timeframe:   July 2015 - June 2018   |   Amount:   $335,000


PHPDA funds will continue to support Asian Counseling and Referral Service’s continued efforts and commitment to serve clients who have fallen through the cracks in the new health reform system. The clients are not eligible for ACA benefits and are in need of culturally competent assistance in accessing health care and improving their health status.

ACRS’s project goals: (1) to increase access to primary, behavioral, and dental health care services through integrated care at ACRS; (2) to promote healthy living and community building and to reduce preventable chronic health diseases through an array of culturally competent wellness-education and support services; and (3) develop a unique model of care management with the Behavioral Health Care Manager as a member of the health care team. The target population is clients with SMI who do not have a Primary Care Provider (PCP), have poor linkages with a PCP, or are in need of whole health care management to access and receive quality health care. WAPA will continue the partnership with ACRS to bring primary care services delivered by an ICHS team in the ACRS outpatient mental health site.

About Our Grantee

Asian Counseling & Referral Service

Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS) is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization offering a broad array of human services and behavioral health programs to Asian Pacific Americans in King County. ACRS is the largest multiservice organization serving all the different Asian Pacific American communities - immigrants, refugees and American born - in the Pacific Northwest.

Visit Asian Counseling & Referral Service website here.