PHPDA New project on the North Parking Lot

Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority: Bridging gaps in health care access

  • Early massing design concept 

  • Early massing design concept


North Parking Lot New Project

Pacific Hospital Preservation and Development Authority (PHPDA) is developing the vacant property
located on the north parking lot of their north Beacon Hill campus of the historic Pacific Tower into a 2 building, mixed-income, multi-family apartment development with approximately 300 units, which will include multifamily housing and community oriented services.

In support of the PHPDA’s mission, income generated by the project each year will be used to provide healthcare grants to the underserved Seattle communities.

Strategic partnerships have been formed with International Community Health Services (ICHS) / Kin On and Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation & Development Authority (SCIDpda), providers of elderly care and family housing, to shape a truly mixed, multi-generational project, with new apartment units to serve a diverse community of individuals of all ages including seniors and families with a broad mix of affordability within the site. A child care center is also planned which, when coupled with the senior care center, will add activity and vibrancy to the site.

The project consists of two buildings and will share indoor and outdoor common amenity spaces, creating an equitable and welcoming community for all who live there.

For more information about the project, please contact PHPDA Executive Director Jeff Natter at