Black Lives Matter

Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority: 2020 Annual Report


Black Lives Matter & COVID-19:

Solidarity Statement



Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority (PHPDA) stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and all those who fight systems of oppression and injustice in our country.

We share the anguish of so many in response to the horrific violence of the police against Black Americans. Systemic racism underlies disparate treatment of People of Color by the law enforcement, justice, and health and welfare systems; giving rise to the negative disparity in health and wellness of People of Color. Additionally, COVID-19 data demonstrates disparate outcomes for People of Color during the pandemic, revealing the failures of the healthcare system. We all share the blame.

PHPDA was created to address the negative effects of health inequity in our community.

We will continue to address disparities in health and wellness due to racism and unjust systems by supporting community organizations on the front lines of overcoming barriers to health.

We will strengthen our commitment to eliminate the systems and culture of oppression by working with our community partners to raise up the voices of those who are unheard and underserved.

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