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Congolese Integration Network: Congolese Community Health Navigators

Posted in Projects / Fri, March 15, 2019

Grantee: Rainier Valley Corps

Timeframe:   January 2019-December 2019   |   Amount:   $30,000


Rainier Valley Corps is the fiscal sponsor for the Congolese Integration Network. The Congolese Integration Network will implement the Congolese Community Health Navigator project for this Nimble Grant. The Congolese Integration Network (CIN) supports Congolese integration into American society by providing access to critical resources in the King County area.
This proposed scope of work will help Congolese refugees gain skills and receive support that will help
them be better informed about health issues, learn how to access medical information and resources and access care. Ultimately, emergency room visits by Congolese community members will decrease because they will not be delaying healthcare.

This project has two primary components:

1) Through this project, CIN will introduce a technology-literacy component to their support group sessions (up to 20 persons projected per session) that will teach participants how to navigate the internet and smart-phone apps so that they can find health information, sign up for services (such as those provided by Washington Department of Social and Health Services and/or other health and social service agencies), schedule medical appointments, check their medical insurance accounts and more.

In these support group sessions, participants also learn English-language skills. As part of this project,
they will learn vocabulary and terms that will help them advocate for health care for themselves and their families.

2) In addition to its staff, CIN’s organizational infrastructure includes its Health Board, a group of a dozen Congolese community members who organize health education and related activities for the Congolese community. Members include doctors (some of whom were doctors in the DRC, but may not be certified to work as a doctor here), certified nursing assistants, social service providers and others interested in the health and well-being of the Congolese community.

Health Board members will expand their roles by becoming community health navigators for CIN’s support group members and other Congolese community members. As navigators, they will help people set up medical appointments, accompany them to the appointments, provide interpretation and translation support, provide transportation and offer other related support to help community members successfully access healthcare.

Funds would cover staffing, support-group instructors, stipends for Health Board navigators, equipment, materials and other related program costs.

Project Deliverables (to be submitted with final report):
• Summary of support group sessions (number of sessions held, number of persons attending, topics covered)
• Number of health navigators trained

About Our Grantee

Rainier Valley Corps

Rainier Valley Corps (RVC) strengthens the power of communities of color in order to create a more equitable society. We do this through our core programs and services as well as through leading partnerships with community members and organizations of color. These members and organizations provide support services tailored to the strengths and needs of the communities they serve.

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