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Project Details

CRISP (Culturally Responsive, Integrated & Strength-Based Parenting) Planning for South KC Expansion

Posted in Projects / Tue, February 09, 2021

Grantee: Korean Women’s Association

Timeframe:   October 2020 - September 2021   |   Amount:   $20,000


This project “CRISP Planning for South King County Expansion” will be co-led by KWA and APCC to maximize capabilities and relationships with the Pacific Islander community in South King County.  There are four key activities associated with this 6-month project:

1. Design survey questions (in both English and Samoan) (Oct 2020) – to understand their health education needs and priorities.

2. Capture Survey Responses (in English and Samoan) – with at least 50 Pacific Islander parents/ caregiver of children up to 10 years old (Dec 2020 -Jan 2021).  Each participant will receive a $20 online gift card for completing the survey.  A learning from transitioning from in-person classes to Zoom (in response to COVID-19) is that KWA can help Pacific Islanders parents (even older caregivers like grandparents) join virtual sessions. 

3. Develop tailored CRISP program and launch plan, based on survey insights and planning meetings (Feb - -Mar 2021).  KWA will develop a CRISP launch plan for 2021 that incorporates the priorities, needs, and preferences of Pacific Islander families in South King County. 

4. KWA will put together a report on the insights gained from this project for PHPDA and other stakeholders (Feb - Mar 2021).  The report will include charts and cross-tab tables for quantitative and categorical survey responses, as well qualitative insights from the focus groups, surveys, and planning sessions.

About Our Grantee

Korean Women’s Association

The Korean Women’s Association provides multi-cultural, multi-lingual human services, regardless of race or ethnic background, to diverse communities through education, socialization, advocacy, and support services to all of Western Washington through 15 offices in 14 counties and employs 1,400+ employees to serve the diverse needs of more than 10,000 people each year.

Visit Korean Women’s Association website here.