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Project Details

Development of an online training for bi-lingual individual to become “health information bridges”

Posted in Projects / Tue, February 09, 2021

Grantee: Northwest Center for Public Health Practice

Timeframe:   October 2020 - September 2021   |   Amount:   $24,000


This grant will develop an online training for bi-lingual individuals to deliver timely and accurate health information, including COVID-19 information and how to access health services during the COVID pandemic, to their vulnerable relatives.

The overall goals of this training are to:

1. Increase proficiency of bi-lingual lay people in communicating effectively when providing COVID-19 information to their language communities.
2. Improve health equity by breaking down language barriers surrounding health information.
3. Improve vulnerable communities’ ability to respond to non- COVID (emergency) health care needs during the pandemic.

A student survey (N=260), conducted in April 2020 showed that young adults are ready and willing to step up to the plate and become “information bridges” to their social networks if they receive training in how to do so. Proposed training covers content areas that were identified from the survey. After development of the online training, an evaluation will be conducted to better understand the student’s learning, understand the utility and sustainability of the training, and/or if there are changes needed.

Module 1: Breaking Down Public Health Language Barriers

Language competency is essential when it comes to understanding Public Health information such as data, measures, and medical terminology. This module will help bi-lingual individuals become more proficient in understanding (technical) health information surrounding COVID-19 and communicate it in much more appropriate settings.

Module 2: Accessing (emergency) health care for non-COVID medical problems during COVID-19

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, vulnerable populations have become reluctant in calling 9-1-1 for medical emergencies. The anxiety around the pandemic is creating a reduction in health care (and emergency care) even though it’s unlikely that the need has changed. This module aims to address how to communicate with people who have doubts about accessing health care services for COVID and non-COVID health problems.

Module 3: How to Communicate Effectively with Loved-Ones about COVID-19

This module will help introduce approaches to connect with social networks more effectively and efficiently, generate transparency, leveraging resilience and catalyzing change. Resulting in bilingual individuals to be physically and mentally able to approach risk/emotional topics.

Module 4: Staying Safe While Caring for Others

This module will focus on how everyone can do their part in serving their communities while following public health measures. Encouraging them to take the knowledge gained throughout this training and using it in action.

This online training will be developed by the NWCPHP in close collaboration with Public Health Seattle-King County EMS division, Dr. Meischke PhD and Najma Abdi (Public Health undergraduate student who will lead this project).

Pre-testing the online training:  After the training has been developed NCPHP will pre-test the training in Dr. Meischke’s undergraduate health communication class (Spring 2021) as well as a group of medical interpreter volunteers (recruited with help from the Washington State Language Access Coalition) and bi-lingual volunteers from community-based organizations in King County, WA. NCPHP will evaluate the training content, delivery and utility for communicating COVID information to their social networks.

About Our Grantee

Northwest Center for Public Health Practice

The Northwest Center for Public Health Practice provides training, research, and evaluation services to support public health organizations. The Northwest Center for Public Health Practice promotes excellence in public health by linking academia and the practice community. As part of the University of Washington School of Public Health, we foster training, research, and evaluation in collaboration with state, local, and tribal public health and prevention system partners in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

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