Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority: The Health Equity Fund Announces 2021 Major Grant LOI Opportunities

Project Details

Health Care Initiative Expansion

Posted in Projects / Tue, December 11, 2018

Grantee: Food Lifeline

Timeframe:   July 2018 - June 2019   |   Amount:   $60,000


Pacific Hospital PDA funding will support the continuation and expansion of Food Lifeline and Sea Mar Community Health Centers Healthcare Initiative. The current Sea Mar-Burien location will continue to serve those already enrolled as well as additional enrollees. Food Lifeline will launch the second location on March 30, 2018, at Sea Mar-South Park. This collaborative program improves health outcomes for the predominantly Latino population served by Sea Mar in Burien and South Park by providing nutritious, diabetic-friendly food and diabetes management to low-income families and individuals who are food insecure and diagnosed with food-related illnesses such as diabetes.

At the clinical level, patients will be screened for food insecurity and a chronic dietary disease by Sea Mar staff. If two positive results are detected, a referral will be offered to the patient to enroll in the pilot. Patients who enroll in the program will be connected with Sea Mar’s Registered Dieticians and Health Educators who will manage patient follow-up and retention throughout the pilot. Sea Mar staff will perform follow-up appointments at the clinic every three months. Follow-ups will include the recording of quantitative and qualitative health metrics.

The program will run from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019, with anticipation to enroll around 300 participants and their respective families. The clinic in South Park will begin with a “soft opening” on March 30, 2018, with distributions taking place on the last Friday of the month for the first two months. To ensure that  programming remains client-centered, Food Lifeline will provide enrollees with a short survey after the second month to help determine the best day and time for the subsequent twice-monthly distributions at the South Park clinic.

Public Health Seattle & King County will continue to support the evaluation and reporting of this program. Public Health will be a regular presence at clinic distributions where they will administer surveys, client intake, and evaluate program operations. In addition, we are also partnering with

Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute will continue to improve the evaluation process. Kaiser Permanente researchers will consult with the existing evaluation team at Public Health Seattle & King County to:

• Design questions to query/probe on all potential confounders
• Improve survey questions so that a pre-to-post comparison supports answering the initiative’s key questions
• Designing a data collection process using time frames that do not overlap
• Aligning question prompts with response choices
• Identifying a comparison/control group
• Performing data analysis and a written reports

About Our Grantee

Food Lifeline

Food Lifeline rescues millions of pounds of this surplus food from farmers, manufacturers, grocery stores, and restaurants. Food Lifeline then delivers the healthy and nutritious food to 275 food banks, shelters and meal programs across Western Washington.

Visit Food Lifeline website here.