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Integrated Behavioral Health Services for Des Moines Health & Housing campus

Posted in Projects / Thu, July 28, 2016

Grantee: Sea Mar Community Health Centers

Timeframe:   July 2016 - June 2019   |   Amount:   $550,250


Sea Mar has established an integrated behavioral health team to serve patients at the mixed-use health and housing campus in Des Moines, Washington, in South King County. The behavioral health team supports King County community members experiencing barriers to accessing behavioral health services for a variety of reasons. When patients come to the medical clinic for an appointment, they are given a brief behavioral health screening. A secondary screening tool helps determine the severity of depression. The team provides brief interventions as well as ongoing behavioral health support. Sea Mar staff carrying out the work of this program have designed and implemented a workflow for the operations and the integration is happening as intended. The organization does not anticipate making any major changes to the program in Des Moines in the upcoming year. Rather, Sea Mar is looking forward to seeing a full 12 months of impact with this program, now that it is operating at full capacity. Looking ahead, the agency would like to find outcome metrics that would show the impact that integration of medical and behavioral health services has on physical health outcomes, in addition to the improvement in mental health that this project is measuring.

About Our Grantee

Sea Mar Community Health Centers

Sea Mar Community Health Centers, founded in 1978, is a community-based organization committed to providing quality, comprehensive health and human services in Washington state. Sea Mar proudly serves all persons without regard to race, ethnicity, immigration status, gender, or sexual preference, and regardless of ability to pay for services. Sea Mar’s network of services includes more than 50 medical, dental, and behavioral health clinics and centers, and a wide variety of nutritional, social, and educational services.

Visit Sea Mar Community Health Centers website here.