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Project Details


The Integrated Health Clinic is an in-house clinical program that will meet the needs of commercial sexual exploitation victims, using established trust to increase mental health, medication management, and chemical dependency care for service-resistant clients. REST provides a low barrier shelter and trauma-informed services through the Emergency Receiving Center to provide a safe place for clients seeking shelter and support. PHPDA funding will enable REST to expand services to provide health and mental health care. REST will work with community partners at King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, Valley Cities Behavioral Health Care, and Puget Sound Christian Clinic to create an in-house coordinated system of care that is responsive to the needs of survivors. This will lead to more people receiving services, reducing re-traumatization of victims by minimizing commitment to locked-treatment facilities, and ultimately reducing the number of attempts it takes to escape the sex trade and attain healthy lives.

The Integrated Health Clinic program will leverage existing partnerships by contracting with the organizations listed above to create an in-house multidisciplinary clinical team that utilizes a strengths-based and person centered approach to care to help create individual health plans for all clients in-need at REST and, if possible, throughout the Seattle Adult Survivor Collaborative. The team will also include REST Community Advocates and Peer Support Specialists in order to maintain an integrated care plan for each survivor participating in HEAL. REST is currently working with the University of Washington Community Oriented Public Health Practice Program (COPHP) to identify and recommend the most effective evidence-based treatment modalities for the specific population we serve.

REST will utilize funding from PHPDA Major Grant to fund the Integrated Health Clinic program; the first in-house multidisciplinary clinical system of care for victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking in King County. This pilot program will be based on the Compass Health Program of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) model which includes a team-based clinical approach that focuses on health management through coordinated care and community support. Based on relevant research findings, REST will tailor the clinical program to meet specific clients’ needs. Through the Integrated Health Clinic, REST will provide vital clinical services to all clients. As our program grows, the clinic will eventually become available to Adult Survivor Collaborative partners: Organization for Prostitute Survivors, YWCA, and Aurora Commons. Advocates from these partnering agencies will be able to schedule their clients to come to REST to coordinate services with the clinical team.

About Our Grantee

REST: Real Escape from the Sex Trade

Real Escape from the Sex Trade (REST) was founded in 2009 to build pathways of freedom, safety and hope for for victims of sex trafficking and people involved in the sex trade in Seattle and beyond.

Visit REST: Real Escape from the Sex Trade website here.