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Patient Training Designs

Posted in Projects / Sat, October 01, 2016

Grantee: IAF Northwest

Timeframe:   October 2016-April 2017   |   Amount:   $7,500


A group of HEC students have partnered with IAF Northwest and Swedish Cherry Hill Family Medicine Residents to recreate the community organizing approach model by engaging and supporting patients in high disparity communities to become active agents in taking more control over their health. A prior, now closed, PHPDA Nimble Grant funded the development of an evaluation tool designed to assess whether patient engagement in organizing opportunities results in increases in other measures associated with positive patient health outcomes.

The purpose of this project is to design and conduct three pilot training sessions critical to the effective implementation of the patient organizing strategy.

About Our Grantee

IAF Northwest

The IAF Northwest is a regional network of broad-based community alliances in Washington, Oregon, Canada and Australia. Each alliance’s goals are to build individual civic leadership, strengthen its member organizations, and to serve as a vehicle for these members to act in the public arena with sufficient power for the common good.

The IAF Northwest is part of the larger Industrial Areas Foundation which has affiliates in 19 additional states, the United Kingdom and Germany. Started in 1940, the IAF is the oldest and most widely recognized network of its kind. The IAF Northwest consists of six established local Alliances and two start-up Alliances.

Each of the Alliances is a broad-based organization made up of a diverse group of resourceful, passionate everyday people—united through their religious, education, labor and community organizations.

The Alliances create opportunities for these people to connect and act powerfully and creatively as leaders - to bring about practical solutions to the challenges facing their families and communities. The IAF Northwest is nonideological and strictly nonpartisan, but proudly, publicly, and persistently political.

Visit IAF Northwest website here.