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Sand Point Housing Behavioral Health Systems Assessment & Planning Project

Posted in Projects / Fri, February 05, 2021

Grantee: Solid Ground

Timeframe:   January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021   |   Amount:   $22,500


Nimble Grant funding will pay for the assessment of behavioral health needs and development of strategic workplan to narrow gaps in equitable health access for Sand Point Housing residents recovering from homelessness and other compounding barriers, further exacerbated by COVID-19.

Solid Ground will hire a Behavioral Health Systems Consultant to determine the types and levels of behavioral health services needed, the insurance payer mix on campus, a workplan for bolstering staff competencies, and structures needed to engage a long-term behavioral health provider either onsite or via clinical referral pathway. Nimble Grant funds will support the cost of this consultant in preparation for an ongoing provider partnership to address campus-wide needs both during COVID-19 and in the following recovery phase.

The scope of work for the Consultant including the following:

• An organizational scan – reviewing existing infrastructure and agency resources to identify areas where training or other development opportunities could support staff capacity.
• A Behavioral Health Resident Needs Assessment at Sand Point to determine population-specific concerns, barriers, and priorities related to behavioral health, including creation of a payer profile, interviews with community stakeholders, and resident surveys.
• Consultant will conduct an environmental scan to identify community assets and highlight opportunities for collaboration toward the development of a workplan and strategy to triage, document, and address identified and emerging needs for Sand Point campus in partnership with a focused behavioral healthcare provider.

This workplan will then inform Solid Ground’s next steps as they implement training, establish a long-term partnership, and strategize around onsite behavioral health supports for Sand Point residents. Through this work, Solid Ground will strengthen existing capacity and build out new pathways for access to behavioral healthcare through a sustainable, community-based partnership that will narrow gaps in equitable health access for Sand Point residents moving forward.

About Our Grantee

Solid Ground

Solid Ground works to end poverty and undo racism and other oppressions that are root causes of poverty.

Solid Ground envisions a community beyond poverty and oppression where all people have equitable opportunity to thrive.

Visit Solid Ground website here.