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Project Details


This technology grant will transition Consejo from a sedentary programming model to an adaptive and responsive service through the use of mobile devices. Funding from the Nimble Fund will be used to purchase Thin Client laptop computers, transition our data storage to the Cloud, and enroll all staff into a single shared operating platform through Microsoft Office 365.

Issuing “Thin Client” laptop computers (computers which rely on a centralized server to function) will allow staff to provide far more effective direct services offsite, without the need for multiple levels of reporting. Using the new computers, staff will be in constant contact with their office via the Cloud. They will complete tasks related to their client sessions in real time, creating a clear path of Client Voice to guide treatment and recovery.

Connecting staff’s devices will be new shared agency wide software in Microsoft Office 365. This online office suite will allow our organization to coordinate data (including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, applications, web pages, communications and more) across all users to streamline remote access and data entry by therapists in the field, as well as inter-agency coordination. Office 365 also offers support for email messaging, social networking, instant messaging, document management, calendaring software, and many other infrastructure, communication, and productivity tools. One key feature will be the use of Cloud data storage. Cloud storage is much safer, more secure, and more reliable than the current physical servers on site.

Along with the immediate infrastructure, capacity, and service enhancements, these upgrades will also pave the way for implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Consejo’s goal is to transition to EMR within one year. This grant will provide the foundation needed for this upgrade, while supporting several key qualitative and quantitative program improvements.

About Our Grantee

Consejo Counseling & Referral Service

For over 35 years Consejo has provided culturally-competent behavioral health services to growing yet underserved Latino communities with a focus on families with children.

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