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Welcome Home Meal Delivery Program Expansion

Posted in Projects / Mon, January 30, 2017

Grantee: Lifelong

Timeframe:   January 2017-December 2017   |   Amount:   $25,000


PHPDA funds will be used for an expansion of the Welcome Home Meal Delivery Program, a nutritional intervention focused on reducing the rate of readmission to inpatient care of high risk populations and the analysis of derived data. Lifelong will complete an expansion of this program that will focus in South King County, mainly in the cities of Kent and Auburn. These areas are an intuitive new focus as multiple area acute care hospitals report high readmission rates and there is disproportionately high prevalence of nutrition related chronic illnesses such as diabetes reflect a stark disparity relative to the rest of the Seattle metropolitan area. These areas also reflect racial diversity including more representation from African-American, Latino and American Indian/Alaskan Native, populations that are disproportionately affected by diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

About Our Grantee


Lifelong was born from a simple soup can, passed around Volunteer Park in 1983. The $42 that those advocates collected that evening was to help them feed, house and stand by those fighting AIDS—when no one else would. Evergreen Wellness Advocates also began small. A group of close friends gathered at a bar in 1985, discussing ways to help another friend dying from the disease. And help they did—with food, with chores, with money, and most importantly, with compassion.

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